Struggle in the silence (self-portrait)

Size: 70 x 90 cm (35.5 x 27.5 ")
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year made: 2020

As I started thinking about this self-portrait during quarantine, I wanted to find a color contrast which reflects collision the entire world is obsessed by. Black and red shapes here is a symbol of different forces that collides. We all –- people –- are right in the center of this battle. At the same time, we need to realize, that the universe is bigger than this (situation), just because it contains all those forces, people, challenges, our life before and after, and more and more. The big portion of white canvas represents that big universe and the silence, beyond everything we experience nowadays. And while we stay at home, we may touch that silence and think about it… We will overcome in this struggle, no doubt, and then the new world will come out of that silence. A better world.

The painting features mix of impressionistic and academic approaches. It was created using professional oil paints Schmincke and superb linen canvas Lanificio Prato (Italy). Linen canvas is stretched over gallery wooden frame (4 cm/ 1.5 inch frame depth) making contemporary appearance of the painting (framing is not required, but can be done upon one’s desire).

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