A posteriōri

A posteriōri (latin, “From the subsequent”; based on experience. In logic, an inference based on experience).

‘A posteriōri’ was awarded Best Figure and Portrait in 9th PleinAir Salon competition (by PleainAir Magazine, June 2020).

The idea of this painting was born a long time ago — I wanted to capture the process of cognition and gaining direct experience, and how it becomes a subject of personal experience. Finally I had to go ‘out of the canvas’ to find that dynamic in a composition, and in fact I created a custom canvas shape that is dictated by the scene. Thus, the canvas shape is not rectangular (by maximum dimensions: 129 x 112 cm / 44 x 51″). This form of canvas brings exceptional dynamics to the artwork: the viewer sees a path upwards, that symbolize a path of knowledge and the process of narrowing down of direct but chaotic perception into a concrete life experience. At the same time, the expanding canvas visually reveals the horizon, symbolizing the infinity of the process of cognition and exploration.

The painting features mix of impressionistic and academic approaches. It was created using professional oil paints Schmincke and superb linen canvas Lanificio Prato (Italy). Linen canvas is stretched over gallery wooden frame (4 cm/ 1.5 inch frame depth) making contemporary appearance of the painting (framing is not required, but can be done upon one’s desire).

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